What to do during the holidays?

What to do during the holidays?

Almost everyone that is doing fitness (Or in general want to get in shape) has this problem during the holidays.

How can I still get my exercise and still have a nice vacation. Here I would like to give you 10 solutions for your problem. Do the following :

  1. Swim … It will relax you, and it is a great exercise.
  2. Bicycle. Go rent a bicycle or if you have one with you, then use that. It is a great way to discover your area, and you get your exercise.
  3. Kayaking, or any other boat that you need to hand power !
  4. Surfing. Great way to get your exercise !
  5. Walk on a beach. The sand will make it harder to walk, so you will get more fitness.
  6. Even a nice game of Beach Volleyball or Tennis can give you the movement that you need.
  7. Want to train your muscle in a real good way ? Then sit in the water and do pushups. The water pressure will make it harder to do. So a nice way to get in to shape.
  8. If the night is coming you can even go for a dance. As long as you move around you get your exercise.
  9. And even if you are already laying in bed, then nothing get stop you from doing some pushup, or legs stretching.
  10. And then take a good night rest. You deserved it.

Have a great holiday …..


Good night


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